Our individual Trainings are well fitted for your needs.
Our individual
Trainings are
well fitted for
your needs.

The offer

Welcome to the Wendel Security Masterclasses – your tailor-made key to first-class training and consulting. Our masterclasses are the result of our philosophy as a manufacturer of highly specialized training courses, in which we tailor each course precisely to the individual needs of our customers. The goal is clear: at the end of the masterclass, participants should gain a deep understanding and comprehensive know-how in the respective subject area.

Our experienced trainer Andy Wendel and his team place particular emphasis on quality and individuality. By working closely with PFEs, MVPs and MCLCs, we guarantee optimal learning success. The masterclasses offer not only knowledge, but also practical insights based on the latest developments and best practices.

For an optimal training experience, our participants have access to a state-of-the-art training environment. With our own hardware, which has an impressive 1.5 TB of RAM, enterprise NVMEs for virtualization and a gigabit internet connection, participants experience training at the highest technological level. All of this is provided in a perfectly secured and self-maintained rack on our own servers.

Master Class Windows

Master Class Hacking

Master Class Active Directory

Master Class Hyper-V

Master Classes PKI

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